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Gicompress - Pipe transfer for slaughterhouses and the food industry

GICOMPRESS piping transfer with sonic effect of solid and liquid agrifood products

GMMI, world leader in long-distance pneumatic transport of IAA, is a French company based in Brittany in the heart of the poultry production area.

GMMI offers different product transfer systems including the GICOMPRESS process, designed to convey products by piping in complete safety and in complete biosecurity. 

It is based on a sonic effect which allows to transfer over very long distances sensitive products.

The GICOMPRESS is designed to reduce and transfer products. It allows a 2- to 4-fold decrease in volume depending on the product. You obtain a significant gain on the rotations of the storage bins.

  • Powdery materials and flour.
  • Hard + soft materials.
  • Hard materials.
GICOMPRESS patented pneumatic transport system

Biosecurity: hygiene, safety and reliability

Option: automatic cleaning

Pressurized air: actuator pressure 6 bars minimum

  • GICOMPRESS 200 SL 200 - Maximum hard material flow: 1 to 7 m3 / Hour.
  • GICOMPRESS 300 SL 200 - Maximum hard material flow: 1 to 10 m3 / Hour.
  • GICOMPRESS 300 SL 300 - Maximum hard material flow: 2 to 15 m3 / Hour.

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Gicompress technical sheet

4 x less energy
7 x more powerful
2 x quieter
than vacuum vacuum technology
Ejection capacity 15 m³ / h
Air storage cylinder 2 x 45 L
Electric tension 400 V-Three + Earth 20 A Min
Cleaning in place (CIP - CIP) Optional
Pre-equipped box Yes
soundproof Yes
Dimensions (W x H x D) in mm 1171 x 434 x 2151
Distance and height (with intermediate trigger)
Application examples
Chicken, turkey, duck
MSM, carcass, seizure, leg, head, viscera, loin, neck, bone, skin, liver / heart / gizzard, wing tip, rump, drumstick
Powder, granulated
Dry, fatty
Tallow, viscera, suppressant
Suppressant, tallow, viscera, bone
Bone, head, viscera, whole fish

Self-cleaning pump

sonic effect

Gicompress Process Videos

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VAT number: FR73388651440
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