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Options and accessories for pipe transfer processes

A complete range of products for your pipe transfer equipment

Cross-contamination issues are a source of concern for LPNs.

It is essential to prevent the spread of germs and cross contamination of food products in order to obtain a safe and efficient professional environment over time.

Ideal solution in terms of hygiene, the GMMI pipe transfer equipment is easily cleanable and is based on equipment 4 x less energy, 7 times more powerful and 2 x less noisy.

GMMI, transfer specialist, helps you meet this challenge with solutions adapted to your needs with a full range of washable transfer systems (NEP / CIP).

Our pipe transfer range includes several options:

  • CIP / CIP (cleaning system).
  • Screen.
  • Directional switch.
  • Receiving cyclone.
  • Volumetric laser detector.
Pipe transfer system options and accessories

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CIP / CIP (Cleaning in place)

Laundry in lost water (programming by GIBAIR PLC): Hot water + Chlorinated alkaline.

"The sonic effect" also allows the cleaning water to be conveyed at high speed through the network and thus achieve a efficient mechanical and chemical cleaning.

piping transfer steps
sonic effect


Our screen is designed in accordance with IAA standards, it allows upstream or downstream of the transfer to separate the water from the product.

Downstream, it makes it possible to have less transfer cycles, thus saving on consumption.

The water filtered and separated from its product is uncharged therefore a cleaner water to be treated for the station.

The screening machine separates and filters the water from the product. The recovered water is less loaded and therefore faster treatment in the station.

Directional switching and distribution

Pipe transfer system options and accessories
piping switch

Pipe transfer system options and accessories
piping switch

Receiving cyclone

Adapted to the product and the environment, the cyclone allows the speed to be reduced.

Product reception cyclone - transfer by piping

Volumetric laser detector

Options and accessories laser filling detector

Le filling detector allows adaptation to variable production rates.

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